SCM awarded twice at Xylexpo

Oct 16, 2022

SCM was recognised as a technological leader at Xylexpo by receiving two awards at the fourth edition of the XIA - Xylexpo Innovation Award. The "Oscar" of the fair - the special wooden "Dwarf" designed in 2014 by Elio Fiorucci for SCM’s customer Riva 1920 – went to the Digital Factory system for the "Digitization" category and the new Blade Off safety device for carpentry’s circular saws for the "Panel processing" category.

According to the jury, the true innovative character of SCM's Digital Factory eco-system lies in offering "the possibility of integrating information and data from a production environment with the ability to follow a product starting from the order, passing through production while reaching the post-sales phase. This solution offers a range of services that project the proposer towards the opportunity to exploit new business models in line with current market trends".

What the jury appreciated most about the "Blade Off" applied to circular saws for artisans was "the strong improvement in safety" as this system prevents the blade from contact with the operator's hand thanks to exclusive smart sensors.