SCM Autostore: the spare parts warehouse that revolutionises the logic behind customer care

Aug 1, 2022

The first automatic warehouse for spare parts in woodworking is by Scm Group.

SCM presents Autostore, a new automatic warehouse for spare parts which handles 30 thousand items thanks to 19 robots in a structure covering 900 m2 for a height of 5.5 metres, over 13 storage levels and with 24 thousand modular boxes capable of holding up to 30 Kg of pieces each.

Operating since January 2022, the new system works 24/7 allowing considerable gains in terms of space occupied and now, SCM can provide a more efficient, better-quality service by speeding up by 75 per cent the pick-up operations and reducing dispatch times by 30 per cent. Every day, around 300 shipments are handled containing thousands of components with a maximum lead time of 48 hours from the time the order is placed.

 “We wanted to take another step forward by choosing the best that logistics management has to offer, a technology that, to date, had not yet been applied to the management of spare parts in the sector for wood technologies - says Luca Maggiani, Service&Parts Business Development Manager at SCM -. 
"Handing over the right spare part in the shortest time possible: this is the technological challenge that drove SCM to put their trust in such an advanced system - adds Alessandra Benedetti, Customer Care Manager at SCM –. This clearly shows how this Group continues to invest to offer valuable services even after a sale. The customer remains at the heart of each of our decisions".


SCM operators also benefit from Autostore added value. Even if it makes use of 19 robots for the picking operations, the number of resources employed in the Service&Parts team remained unaltered.

 “The operators are the same as before, but now they perform handling and control duties that are undoubtedly less tiring or repetitive – adds Maggiani - We also apply the principles of Smart&Human technological solutions to the spare parts sector that we offer to customers, placing the coordination of each process in the hands of the operator.

According to the 'Go digital, stay human' project, people make a real difference, even in customer services.