AuthoR-Evolution: the bells ring out

Jan 27, 2017

Exceeding all expectations, Scm Group’s AuthoR-Evolution Open House continues with its successful agenda dedicated to the launch of two brand new Morbidelli machining centres and other group innovations. Throughout the first two days, thousands of guests flocked to the company’s headquarters and Rimini-based showrooms.

The second day confirmed beyond all doubts the positive reception given to the two new Morbidelli machining centres, the Author M100 and the Author M200, featuring “all-in-one technology” which represents a real revolution in the sector.

Scm Group decided to place an old bell in the showroom. Each time a new Morbidelli machining centre was purchased, the bell was rung. And on the second day the bell rang continuously generating enthusiasm among the SCM team and the customers.

Saturday brings the Open House to a close, an event which has witnessed an impressive turnout of Italian and foreign visitors. Starting in February the AuthoR-Evolution on Tour kicks off, to display the latest Scm Group innovations in France, Germany, Spain, Dubai and China.

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