WMS - Woodworking Machinery & Supply

31.10.2019 - 02.11.2019 Mississauga

WMS - Woodworking Machinery & Supply


Oct 31 - Nov 2

10 AM – 4 PM

International Centre
Booth 2727, 2719
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Join SCM Canada as we continue our yearly participation at WMS!

SCM Canada is looking forward to seeing you at WMS at the International Centre on Oct. 31 - Nov. 2!

Come see a variety of new products displayed in Canada for the first time at WMS this year! Featured technology will include: CNC machining, edgebanding, sanding and machines for the Artisan.  




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Wood Sliding Table Saw

L'invincibile si 3

Sliding table saws

The advantages of an exclusive choice. Buying a "L'invincibile si 3" machine means you get a customized solution, thanks to experience, technical research and Italian creativity. Console eye-S main functions: - connectivity among machines belonging to...

Moulder Nova TF 110 - SCM Group

nova tf 110


Guaranteed quality at your finger tips. Easy-to-use, productivity and efficency, flexibility.  

Single-Sided Automatic Edge Bander Olimpic K 360 - SCM Group

olimpic k 360

Single-sided automatic edge banders

Versatility and high machining quality with the SCM olimpic k 360, the machine with the aim to be the new reference point in the market for entry level edge banders and complete with a rounding unit. Compact and easy-to-use due to its advanced...

Wood and Plastic Machining Center Morbidelli N - SCM Group

morbidelli n

CNC Nesting Machining Centers for routing and drilling

Machining center designed and engineered for woodworking. Thanks to the unique design and PRO-SPACE safety systems directly integrated onto the machine, a reduced floor space is required and is accessible from all sides to place panels or small components...

Thicknessing Planer Class S 630 - Class S 520 - SCM Group

class s 630 - class s 520


The best solution for every application. Easy and precise, practical design, a wider range of applications. Discover the "Xylent" cutterhead, available for this machine.

Single-Sided Automatic Edge Bander Olimpic K 560 - SCM Group

olimpic k 560

Single-sided automatic edge banders

High performance and versatility: olimpic k 560 is designed for companies requiring to process many panels per day even though they may be different from one to another. olimpic k 560 has several solutions that guarantee always the best machining on...

Wood Surfacer Planer F 520 Class - F 410 Class - SCM Group

class f 520 - class f 410


The best solution for every application. Perfect surfaces, practical and safe, ergonomics. Discover the "Xylent" cutterhead, available for this machine.

Programmed Circular Saw Nova SI 400 - SCM Group

nova si 400

Sliding table saws

Programmed or manual circular saws with 400 mm blade. Guaranteed quality at your finger tips.

nova si 300s

Sliding table saws

Essential configuration with complete equipment to carry out professional machining

Single-Sided Automatic Edge Bander Olimpic K 230 Evo - SCM Group

olimpic k 230 evo

Single-sided automatic edge banders

Easy-to-use and with all inclusive equipment: olimpic k 230 evo, due to its advanced technological solutions...

Automatic Sander Calibrating Machine DMC SD 10 - SCM Group

dmc sd 10

Automatic sanding and calibrating machines

Belt sander perfect for small woodworking companies. It satisfies all solid wood calibrating and sanding requirements.


Maestro Digital Systems is a set of digital products and services that further expands SCM’s woodworking knowledge-rich DNA. It is a dynamic system in continuous development which promises a simple and efficient management of the Digital Factory of the future.

Technology Center Social (Mississauga)

Oct 31 - Nov 2

10 AM – 4 PM

SCM Canada (Toronto)
4590 Eastgate Pkwy
Mississauga, ON L4W 3W6, Canada

SCM Canada has a fully-operational Technology Center at our Mississauga location conveniently located 15 minutes away from the International Centre and Toronto airport. 

Our Technology Center will be open to the public each day during WMS from 10 AM - 4 PM showing live demonstrations and is open throughout the rest of the year!

Stop by to see our more advanced solutions including high production CNCs, edgebanders and sanders that are displayed year round at our Technology Center

Enjoy complimentary lunch and refreshments as you get an exclusive look inside our Mississauga Technology Center filled with our state-of-the-art machinery!


Contact Marketing at salescanada@scmgroup.com