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Hydro-Abrasive waterjet cutting system

The ultimate machine tool specifically conceived and designed with advanced technical solutions for the waterjet cutting technology, in order to achieve unmatched performance. Tecnocut Proline is built around a stainless-steel frame ready for integration with the “Dredge”, a fully automated and maintenance free abrasive removal system, an automatic water level control for submerged cutting and rotary option for pipes processing. This innovative, easy configurable concept has not only the abrasive tank installed on-board, but also the electric servodriven high-pressure pump is integrated with the machine frame, a big saving in terms of overall layout. The overall machine structure, especially the rugged gantry system, offers unmatched rigidity and thus consistent cutting accuracy over time, thanks also to the ground helical rack and pinions, combined with high precision gearboxes.
The linear guides are protected by the innovative “Powder free” system composed of overlapping way covers, which ensures the highest protection against moisture, dirt and dust.

  • more versatility: new models and extensive supply of accessories and standard arrangements for faster, less costly retrofits
  • more reliable: NC and digital drivers for full control of the cutting parameters
  • more compact: accessories integrated into the base structure for easy, fast installation and re-commissioning


- 35% of layout with respect to previous models, thanks to the integration of the abrasive bulk and high-pressure pump.


It can be fitted with up to 2 electric and servo-driven pumps, 4150 or 6200 bar available pressure, with the aim to achieve the highest throughput and cutting versatility also when working especially hard or thick materials.


Machine is ready for easy integration with optional such as the Dredge, the rotary option and the water level control for submerged cutting, to accommodate specific applications and the most demanding production requirements.


± 0.035 mm of positioning accuracy and +/- 0.025 repeatability across the entire table, to ensure unparalleled cutting quality

Technical data
MODEL 1730 2040
X AXIS STROKE (1 HEAD) 3250 mm / 10.6 ft 4250 mm / 13.9 ft
Y AXIS STROKE 1700 mm / 5.5 ft 2000 mm / 6.5 ft
Z AXIS STROKE (3-AXIS HEAD) 300 mm / 12 in 300 mm / 12 in
Z AXIS STROKE (5-AXIS HEAD) 200 mm / 9 in 200 mm / 9 in
C AXIS (5 AXIS ONLY) Infinite Infinte
B AXIS (5 AXIS ONLY) +/- 62° +/- 62°
XY AXIS RAPID SPEED 40000 mm/min / 131 ft/min 40000 mm/min / 131 ft/min
WORKTABLE SIZE 3820 x 1920 mm / 12.5 x 6.3 ft 4820 x 2220 mm / 15.8 x 7.8 ft
WORKTABLE LOAD CAPACITY 1000 kg/m2 1000 kg/m2
POSITION ACCURACY +/- 0,035 mm +/- 0,035 mm
POSITION REPEATABILITY +/- 0,025 mm +/- 0,025 mm
FOOTPRINT LXPXH 6930 x 3180 x 3900 mm / 20.9 x 10.4 x 12.7 ft 7290 x 3480 x 3900 mm / 23.9 x 11.4 x 12.7 ft
WEIGHT MAX (EMPTY) 6500 kg / 14330 lb 8000 kg / 17600 lb
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