Digital services

A world of services: to be always at your side

Connect your machine and gain access to a world of services.

Connecting your machine through IIoT Technology Maestro connect will let you subscribe a program of fast-evolving services. You will access a wide range of benefits that even go beyond the machine experience and will support and assist you through the whole life-cycle of your machine.

Maestro connect is the SCM IIoT enabling technology that will help our customers move forward to transform their business operations.


Among the Maestro connect benefits you will access to:

  • Faster service intervention and problem resolution
    Maestro connect provides real time data and health records of the machine also to SCM service drastically reducing its troubleshooting time.
  • Working always in perfect conditions
    Maestro connect can provide a full kit of sophisticated sensor devices to detect and warn the operator in case of alarming conditions of the machine.
  • Faster track lane to spare parts
    Real time access to spare parts inventories and availability, recommended spare parts and suggested parts for mainentance.

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