Augmented reality support


  • Speed troubleshooting and lower service costs.


Main features

  • Smartech augmented support and the SCM technicians will be at your side.

The Smart Glasses make it possible an augmented reality connection between the client's operator and the SCM technicians. Through a pair of Smart Glasses and a specific deigned software the SCM experts can diagnose and solve problems in real time, using various transmission channels at the same time (voice, video, audio).

The Smart Glasses include video, camera, microphone and speaker functions with wireless technology, allowing for a two-way communication and leaving the operator's hands free. Smartech direct video-call allows our staff to see what the operator is seeing on the field, to guide him through the diagnosis of the problem and solve it by sharing diagrams and technical data without moving away from the work site.

Reduction of waiting times: maximum effectiveness thanks to the virtual and interactive presence of a technician on the machine at the moment that is required.

Reduction of costs: real time resolution of problems without the intervention on-site and eliminating the travelling costs for technicians.

Increased productivity: support in achieving the productivity targets, by programming and optimising the machining cycles with real-time operational interaction.

Maestro Smartech can also be used as an advanced tool to easily and efficiently produce operational documentation on the production and maintenance processes.