CMS SpA manufactures cnc machines and systems for advanced materials (composite, carbon fibre, aluminium, light alloys), plastic, glass, stone and metals processing.
CMS (acronym of Costruzioni Macchine Speciali) was established in 1969 from a sharp strategic vision of its founder: its mission was to offer customized and cutting-edge solutions, based on the deep knowledge of the customer's manufacturing process.
"The machine is not important; it's the customer's needs that matter".
                                                           (Pietro Aceti - Founder of CMS)
"CMS your technology partner" identifies CMS’ vocation. To build machinery and systems that enhance the machining processes of materials and make them a distinctive asset for our customers, contributing to implement their competitive advantage and success in a measurable and long-lasting way.
Innovation is part of CMS’ ADN. Significant technological innovations, originating from substantial investments in research and development and take-overs of premium companies, have enabled constant growth and leading positions in the various sectors of reference. In recent years, many investments have been made in the digitization of services connected with machinery and systems.
More than 10,000 CMS-branded machining centres have been constructed in the two production sites of Zogno, in the province of Bergamo, and are now in operation in the manufacturing departments of world-leading companies.

CMS makes its way into the market with 5 specialized brands that excel any competitors in terms of flexibility, precision and efficiency, successfully operating in many sectors such as:
  • aerospace
  • automotive
  • formula 1
  • marine industry
  • eyewear
  • wind turbines
  • building
  • architecture
  • interior design
  • street furniture
  • sculpture
CMS also offers a widespread best-in-class service for spare parts supply and after-sales assistance, with solutions ranging from the direct intervention of our technicians all over the world, to remote support by means of the most sophisticated digital tools. Our CMS Connect platform is able to offer customized digital services supporting daily operations, maintenance and troubleshooting, improving the availability and use of machinery and systems.



CMS has been part of the SCM Group, a world leader in technologies for processing a wide range of materials, since 2002: wood, plastic, glass, stone, metal and composite materials. The companies of the Group are the reliable partners of established industries operating worldwide in various trade sectors: from furniture to building, from automotive to aerospace, from boating to plastic materials. SCM Group coordinates, supports and develops a system of industrial outstanding realities, organized into 3 large highly-specialized production sites in Italy, with over 4,000 employees and a direct presence in the 5 continents.
SCM Group