CMS Kreator 

Hybrid system for additive manufacturing and milling

CMS, leader in cnc machines for composite processing, started in 2018, in cooperation with the prestigious Fraunhofer institute, to develop an original LFAM solution, for improving the competitiveness of composite and other industries.




1. Unique solution, designed to integrate completely a machine tool and a large format 3D printer.
2. Material saving compared to current manufacturing technologies: more than 5.
3. Up to 5 times less material than competitors, to print the same part.
4. Less subparts, less manufacturing times, less costs than large sized FDM.





CMS Kreator’s single screw extruder is patented, designed for 3D printing and for the use of different materials.
• Mass Flow = Max 7 Kg/h*
* 20 kg/h coming soon



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