CAD/CAM programming course for machining centres

Course code WMP-C


The CAD/CAM programming course is potentially designed for any professional figure using CAD/CAM programming software.
The course focuses on the Maestro Suite developed by SCM Group for programming machining centres, illustrating the basic information necessary to design parts, add tool paths and generate NC programs. It will also examine how to create and change 2D drawings and how to add machining operations to the geometry (routing, drilling).

The course can be customised by adding advanced modules, based on the type of models purchased and the machining operations of interest (e.g. nesting).
Participants to the CAD/CAM programming course will learn the operations and work sequences necessary to start the production of the machining centre and will be able to design and produce finished products with the Maestro suite.



  • Basic Maestro CNC
  • Maestro Nesting
  • Maestro Cabinet
  • Maestro 3D
  • X-Cab Office
  • Xilog Plus
  • Maestro Pro View - advanced and customised training


Operator and Machine maintenance operator, Maintenance manager, Line supervisor

Machine models

Accord, Morbidelli, Pratix, Author

Teaching method

Classroom (c/o campus - c/o customer) Online (webinar)


Italian, english


32 hours (standard, variable on request)

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