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BinketGroup is today one of the largest specialised factories in the internal doors sector of the whole of Central Asia. The high level of automation of the production process, that exceeds the initial target of 700 doors per day, is the result of the partnership with SCM. In a handful of years the Rimini-based company has supplied over eighty different technologies and a fully-comprehensive support project.


In March 2016 the construction of one of the largest factories of the entire Central Asian region for internal doors began by BinketGroup, in the Sergelijsk region of Tashkent, in Uzbekistan. In an area of 8 hectares the production capacity covers 20,000 square metres. The objective of this ambitious project was to apply Italian technologies, unique in their genre, to the production of high quality internal doors, with an internationally appreciated refined design. Comfort and welcome are the mission of this company that provides a custom design service for interiors of homes and offices, and uses only reliable raw materials, as well as components and decorative materials, from the most trustworthy global suppliers. 

The automation is at the highest levels: from supplying materials to the area, to the packaging of panels in heat-shrinkage film and corrugated cardboard. The storage of the finished products in the warehouses ready for delivery, ensures the optimal organisation of the production. As an added value there is a 9,000 square metre warehouse that resolves any logistical issues. Moreover, the company is able to provide an after-sale service, such as the installation of doors, that provides customers with considerable time savings. The involvement of over 300 specialists (national experts and key employees invited from different countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Italy) is the umpteenth strength of the company, that ensures the high quality levels of the product.



“2018 was a particularly important landmark year for the development of our company, because we presented and launched the «PorteMio» and «Dorro» internal doors on the retail market of Uzbekistan and nearby countries”. The «PorteMio» collection of doors consists of classic and hi-tech models. The design of the «PorteMio» doors highlights the simplicity of the lines, the perfection of the proportions and the refinement of the patterns. The doors are designed for residential homes and offices. The «Dorro» collection of doors is, on the other hand, designed for more practical customers, that appreciate quality and service. The collection contains the most popular design solutions for residential buildings, with natural and soft hues, in classic and modern designs. With the launch of the mass-produced doors, buyers no longer have to order them individually and wait for the long production times. Everything become simpler: after choosing the model, it is available within 24 hours. Moreover in 2018 the company  completed another significant project for organising the furniture production. 

An innovative factory

The meeting with SCM, one of the protagonists of the global market of advanced industrial woodworking technologies, and the solid and profitable partnership that followed, allowed the ideas to be turned into facts. The result was the creation of a concrete project for an innovative turnkey factory, with a high level production both in terms of the final product and in the machining process.

The detailed Engineering project

It all began with a careful market analysis by the SCM Engineering team, assessing the kind of doors most in demand in central Asia, while from a technological point of view, processes have been devised that are easily managed in an area where it is difficult to find specialised personnel. So, the right compromise between innovative technology (boosted automations and full integrated processes) and a more traditional technology with the use of a lower skilled manpower has been found.

The SCM Engineering team collaborated with a series of external partners both for special technologies like the veneering department with machinery designed to prepare the veneering, as well as to define each individual detail of the many processes required to produce the end product.

The "green field" approach was also fundamental: in planning the factory layout, SCM Engineering provided the external plant specialists with all the data on the machines' consumption, bearing in mind the ambitious growth and expansion plans for the customer's productivity.

Production flow planning

SCM Engineering's ability to define the production flows, bearing in mind the logistical aspects was key to the success of this project.

The factory covers an overall area of 29,000m2, 17,000 of which set aside for production. Filling a factory of this size with more than 80 machines for machining wood (without considering rollers, shuttles or auxiliary machines) required a detailed planning of transport and a highly detailed installation plan per step.

In order, therefore, to guarantee a gradual production departure, the decision was taken to organise the production flow according to two main products: the production of flush doors and the creation of jambs.

The process

Both processes start with sizing. They are then split into two parallel production flows on machines and different lines to meet up again at the end in the assembly and packaging department, where doors and jambs are packed and subsequently stored in a large warehouse, before final shipment via road or rail.

The new production had to be adapted for the production both of low cost hollow core doors and other kinds of doors, like the "moulded skin", veneered doors, lacquered doors and doors typically found in central Asia, with CNC made-to-measure cut and carved glass.

SCM has, therefore, split the two production flows further, creating flexible modular and easily re-configurable departments for the production of low cost, special doors. This way the customer could produce new kinds of doors each time adding departments and gradually increasing productivity until the current result was achieved: more than 700 doors per shift.


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