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Automatic continuous cycle press (patented) for the production of hollow core and coated (veneer, HPL, CPL) doors and pre-finished parquet (2-3 layers). The press sequentially loads one door at a time, maintaining constant pressure on doors inside other compartments. High productivity press up over 1200 doors per shift.


High productivity:1 door each 20 second
Reduction of loading and unloading downtimes due to the continuous cycle and to fast pressing times by using “rapid glues” both water based and PUR; thus allowing immediate loading of the panel after composition without waiting times.

Better surface and gluing quality compared to a single compartment press with the same productivity, facilitated by the use of one press compartment for each door.

Reduction in occupied space compared to similar presses with simultaneous load.

Reduced maintenance and high reliability over time thanks to the electronic press movement and hydraulic circuit control and the presence of protective devices against incorrect loads.

Technical data
Model Platens dimensions (mm) Number of daylights Total thrust (ton)
las s 2800 x 1300 5 120
las s 2800 x 1300 6 120
las s 2800 x 1300 10 120
las s 2800 x 1400 5 140
las s 2800 x 1400 6 140
las s 2800 x 1400 10 140
las p 2500 x 1300 5 200
las p 2500 x 1300 6 200
las p 2500 x 1300 10 200
las p 2800 x 1300 5 200
las p 2800 x 1300 6 200
las p 2800 x 1300 10 200
las 3 3350 x 1400 5 175
las 3 3350 x 1400 7 175
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