Software for CNC programming

Office software solutions: Maestro cnc

Software for CNC programming

According to Maestro's software mission, SCM CNC machining centres can offer software that assist customer from the design of the workpiece up to the production.

Maestro cnc. In the office, before the production, the design and programming system Maestro cnc ensures that all the wood workings are quickly and easily programmed thanks to smart functions (app and macros libraries) built to program any machine operation with a mouse click. Another click away and cnc programs are automatically generated.

Maestro cnc is the software for the design of the work piece, to program SCM machining centres. Large graphic previews of the work piece with its wood workings, of the machine and of the tools, together with immediate functions ensure the most comfortable use and best result.


Basic functions

  • Workpiece drawing. The CAD module makes the creation of the geometry of the piece easy and quick.
  • DXF import. With the DXF import, 2D CAD drawings can either be imported or converted directly into complete programs via layer assignment.
  • Tools management and tool path simulation. Tools can be easily managed and tool path can be simulated beforehand.
  • Working table management. Working table is also graphically programmed and configured.
  • Cycle time can be calculated before starting the production.
  • Apps and Macros. Maestro cnc contains a library of programming functions that are always available and easy to use, developed by SCM for the production of parts for doors, windows, stairs, furniture and furnishings.
  • Technology database. The database allows customer to save machinings. Once the machining has been saved it can be applied any time on different geometries.


Additional functions

Maestro 3d - Unique in the creation of 3D objects

Integrated module designed to program three dimensional objects on 5 axes machining centres.
Import and processing of the most used 3d file formats: STEP, IGS, 3D-DXF, STL.
Automatic detection of holes and channels in the 3d module.

Maestro pro view - Unique 3D display

3D Simulator that allows users access to a three dimensional model of their machine in their office and view the operations that will be carried out during the production in advance on their PC.

Maestro mls connector - Total integrability

Connector for third-parties design software.

Specialized machining

Maestro nest - Unique nesting process

Maestro nest is the new nesting optimizer. It imports cutting lists provided in any format (.csv, dxf, etc.) and generates the optimized cutting pattern. Available in "rectangular" or "free form" module.

Maestro label - Unique labeling process

Integrated module to manage label's models, which develops labels by inserting texts, images, parameters and the main barcode formats.

Benefit at a glance

  • Complete. Function completeness as well as a specific CAD-CAM software in the market, but whose uniquely optimized for your SCM machine.
  • Accurate. Great accuracy in programming, thanks to the 3D visualizations of workpiece, machines, tools and clamping aids.
  • For everybody. Very easy to use, any operator can learn and start up quickly to use Maestro design tool.


Machine software solutions: Maestro active cnc

Unified HMI Software for machine controlling



Maestro active is the new operator interface software which has been unified across all SCM technologies. A single operator can easily and confidently run multiple machines due to controller and interface consistency: regardless the machine, Maestro active maintains the same look&feel, with many identical icons and navigation buttons, thus ensuring the same approach to interaction.

The new interface has been specifically designed and optimized for immediate use via touch screen.

Graphics have been redesigned for simple and comfortable navigation, with tablet-like icons on touch screen controller.

Improved productivity thanks to integrated help and recovery procedures that reduce the possibility of error from the operator's side.

Benefit at a glance

  • Different machines, one user interface. Immediate access to the programming of all SCM machines.
  • Full control of production performances. The creation of customizable reports by operator, shift, program, forecast period (and much more) allows to monitor, optimize and improve the production performance.
  • Organize your production, thanks to the possibility to create different users with different roles and work shifts.
  • Console eye-M: smart, fair, interactive, effortless, revolutionary. SCM innovative touch screen console eye-M allows a comfortable easy navigation and use of the standardized user interface Maestro active. Console eye-M is characterized by a full widescreen monitor (21.5'') to ensure an effortless, convenient experience.


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