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CNC Machining Centres - CNC Machining Centres for routing and drilling - accord 600

accord 600 represents the best design solution for machining doors, windows, stairs and solid wood elements. In order to fully reduce production times, the machining center is equipped with a hyper-performing operating group with 3 independent units.


Tool changes in hidden time
the operator group features two independent units, with 4- and 5-axis JQX electrospindles, each equipped with its own on-board tool changer.

Extremely reduced production cycle times thanks to the exclusive BRC-S unit, even more flexible and compact, that allows to perform all the cutting, routing and drilling operations typical of window components.

Up to 102 tools always available on board with the new integrated CADDY 35 tool changer: it plays the dual role of tool changer and "warehouse" serving the other on-board tool changers.

Optimized programming with Maestro power TMS that maximizes the tool changers capacity and its management. The operator will no longer waste time searching for the most suitable tool - the software will find and indicate its right position.

Technical data
    accord 600
Working areas
X-Y-Z axes dimensions mm 3715 x 1600 x 300
5515 x 1600 x 300
6715 x 1600 x 300
X-Y-Z axes max. speed m/min 90-80-45
Routing unit
5 axes electrospindle motor power (max.) kW (hp) 13,5 (18,4)
3/4 axes electrospindle motor power (max.) kW (hp) 21 (28,5)
5 axes electrospindle rotation speed (max.) rpm 24000
3/4 axes electrospindle rotation speed (max.) rpm 24000
Tool changers
TRB side tool changer  positions 11
CADDY side tool changer positions 35
RAPID rear tool changer positions 16
TRC rear tool changer positions 32
VELOCE on-board tool changer positions 12+12
Drilling unit
Vertical and horizontal spindles (up to) n. 26
Rotation speed (max.) rpm 8000
Integrated saw blade Ø 125
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