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Finishing systems - Spraying robots for panels - valtorta bravorobot glue

This 5-Axes Cartesian robot's innovative design perfects the automation of  glue application thanks robotic movements engineered to simulate manual work, providing refined accuracy even on edges and millings.

Precision, reliability, and delicacy of the hand of a craftsman combined with the speed and continuity of an automatic system. All enclosed in a pressurized cabin with a suction system designed for glue spraying optimization. The robot can be supplied with one or two reciprocating arms.


Guns setting refined for glue application, composed of three vertical guns (two for the surface and one for the milling) and a gun for the edges. In addition, the compensator controlled pressure inside the circuit remains constant and avoids pulsations during spraying, resulting in a best-in-class fluid finish.

Easily adjust the position and the inclination of the guns, adapting them for the edges.

Dry filtration and  paper conveyor system to guarantee optimal spraying cycles in any kind of application.

The system is integrated with a simple and intuitive software for setting the parameters. It automatically reads the load and calculates the top spraying trajectories.

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