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EasyPrint is specific for the reproduction of wood effects, marble or decorative effects in general on flat panels in fiber, MDF, veneering, PVC or other plastic material. The application of the lacquer is through the indirect offset printing system, where the photo-etched drawing on the surface of a steel roller is transmitted to a rubberized roller which deposits the impression on the workpiece.


FLEXIBILITY: Depending on the required design the machine can print in one, two or three colors. The individual machines can work in perfect sync, combining the different colors for a natural effect. In the case of multi-color printing, each machine is connected to the others thanks to the electronic control which is able to synchronize and control the various transmissions.

ACCURACY: Brushless motorization on a precision linear guides. Phasing and high precision sync between the cylinders guaranteeing geometrical and half-tones designs. Application rollers set with different diameters.

CLEANING: Ability to extract every part for the maintenance cleaning operations, cleaning or the cylinders change. Product recirculation system integrated with pump and recovery device.

Technical data
valtorta easy print  
working width 1370 mm
working height 900 (±20) mm
panel minimum thickness 3-120 mm
panel minimum length 300 mm
rubber coated roller diameter 245 mm
printing roller diameter 380 mm
application roller rubber hardness 40 Sh
compressed air at 6 bar, connections 3/8" gas
compressed air consumption 20 NI/min
feed speed 7 - 20 m/min
installed power 6,5 kW
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