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A complete range of industrial squaring and edgebanding machines for small- and medium-scale firms. Profitable and advantageous production thanks to top productivity levels, a degree of efficiency that guarantees maintained value over time, and the versatile use of various machining operations, and all with limited investment.


Every type of panel - even the most delicate - can be machined, thanks to the specific new devices that minimise the negative effects on surface quality due to the interaction of the panel with the working units.

Productivity at every level, and maximum customisation of the production line set-up (consisting of several supervised machines and automation systems for handling and moving the panel), with the minimum overall dimensions.

Thanks to the MAESTRO PRO EDGE interface and the degree of automation available, it is possible to pass from a single, repetitive machining operation to several different operations in sequence, without needing to open the cabins or make any manual adjustments; this is all to the operator's advantage.

Technical data
Productivity: finished panels/shift   3000
Working edging speed for lenghtwise processing m/min 30
Working edging speed for crosswise processing m/min 25
Coil thickness mm 0.3-3
Standard panel thickness mm 10 – 60
Lenghtwise pass    
Min/max panel lenght mm 220-3200
Min/max panel width mm 225-1600
Crosswise pass    
Min/max panel lenght mm 220-1200
Min/max panel width mm 225-2500 (3200 opt.)
Pneumatic system MPa 6




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