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All the machinery in the formula range are certified and guaranteed by SCM

Perfect surface, practical and ergonomic

The formula f 1 and formula f 2 models feature long, cast-iron work tables and a large anodised aluminum fence. An optimum high-quality finish is guaranteed even on large size work pieces.


High quality finish

The ribbed work tables structure with the feeding by means of a parallelogram mechanism on connecting rods always gives the same distance between the cutterblock and the table. This enables a quick and easy adjustment of the stock removal rates. The strong cast iron structure of the cutter block with 4 knives grants optimal finish and absence of vibration.

Accurate machining

The surfacing fence is mounted on a precision mechanism enabling accurate angle adjustment from 90° to 45°.

Exceptional finish
“Xylent” spiralknife cutter block with 3 spiralknives. Reduced noise during machining provides a more comfortable working environment. It also improves the dust extraction due to the production of very small chips. Each cutter has 4 tips which can be rotated into the cutting position when worn. Therefore increasing the production life of the cutter block before knives require replacement.

Dados Técnicos
formula   f 2 f 1
Working width mm 520 410
Maximum stock removal mm 8 8
Total width of working tables mm 2720 2610
Motor power with direct motor start (standard) kW 5 5


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