SCM strengthens its position in the Balkans

14 déc. 2016

On 7 December, at the Lestroj Trzin, Ljubljana, offices, SCM Group assembled for the first time around a single table all its dealers and agents from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia (former Yugoslavia) to share and introduce the Group's new strategies for their respective markets, giving special priority to quality and service. 

After the meeting all the participants expressed great enthusiasm about being part of a large group, a tightly-knit family, where one can grow while relying on expertise, alliances and shared systems.

Launching thus a great collaboration among countries and cultures that will allow SCM to strengthen its position in this region of great potential.

Up next is the assignment of a new SCM Balkan team!

In the photo:

Domen Stupica, Franc Stupica, Marko Krumpestar (Lestroj – Slovenia), Romana Strajar (RS-Group – Slovenia), David Ferjan (D-NK – Slovenia), Srdjan Ivkovic (Primostroj – Croazia), Nenad Kantar (Gatech – Serbia), Goran Zivadinovic, Marija Dragas (Total Tradin Team – Serbia), Zoran Evdjenic (Hezo Masine – Bosnia), Luca Bergantini (Scm Group Regional Manager) e Andrea Li Puma (Scm Group Area Manager).