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The Fit Dry dryer is a highly flexible drying system, consisting of a central elevator that handles the movement of the pieces inside the dryer and a series of rod trays on the two sides of the elevator designed to accommodate the different loads of panels.

Fit Dry is the ideal solution for flexible lines with different shapes and thicknesses, specially for whom work in small batches. It can be perfectly integrated into lines with spraying robots.


ENERGY SAVING: Thanks to the recirculation of air flows, aimed at optimizing heat recovery, and efficient air control, the surface of the pieces are touched, making the most of the heat exchange potential of the air used.

SPACE SAVING: Thanks to the vertical development of the dryer, reduced machine dimensions are guaranteed, even in the case of very long drying times.

VENTILATION AND FILTRATION CONTROLLED: To guarantee the final quality of the piece to be dried, the temperature and speed of the air are regulated, the air introduced is pre-filtered.

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