dmc sd 10

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Ponceuses et Calibreuses - Calibreuses-ponceuses automatiques - dmc sd 10

Calibreuse-ponceuse automatique, conçue pour les petits ateliers d’artisan, en mesure de satisfaire les exigences de calibrage et de ponçage du bois massif.


Automatic table positioning: practicality and precision together. The automatic detection of the work piece thickness allows precise machining at all times and without the risk of operator error. The decimal setting of this system also allows setting the work depth independently of the material.

Diamond-shaped belt: no slipping of the work pieces. The special geometry of the diamond-shaped profile of the transport belt provides the best traction surface for the work piece and with the increased support area also ensures maximum stability.

Compact to provide more floor space. The very much reduced size of all Sandya wide belt sanders simplifies their positioning in the workshop, while maintaining the performance and production potential of the sanders.

Données techniques
Largeur utile d'usinage 950 mm
Epaisseur min./max. d'usinage 4 - 170 mm
Largeur bande abrasive 970 mm
Développement bande abrasive 1.525 mm
Puissance standard du moteur principal 5,5 kW
Vitesse d'avance du tapis 4,5/9 kW
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