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Maquinas para carpinteria - Cepilladoras regruesadoras - minimax fs 52es

Cepilladora-Regruesadora profesional compacta y robusta para una producción altamente flexible; ideal para artesanos y carpinterías exigentes.


Perfect finish
An optimal planing with minimal effort, thanks to the 95 mm diameter cutter block  and 4 knives. For an impeccable finish the pressure of the thicknesser feed rollers can be adjusted according to the type of wood machined. The roller infeed has a helicoidal profile to guarantee firm and constant work piece feed, while the outfeed roller in sandblasted steel maintains the perfect post-processing finishing.

Stability over time
Comfortable and precise planing. The Elite S series adopt ergonomic solutions like the 2200 mm surfacing tables, in ribbed cast iron, with simultaneous opening towards the inside of the machine with a 90° angle. For a maximum long lasting stability the cast iron thicknessing table lifts on 4 spindles with trapezoidal threads dust protected.

High rigidity
High rigid fence with a smooth movement thanks to the central locking on round bar.

“Xylent” spiralknife cutter block with 3 series of knives
The 3 spiralknives give an exceptional finish. Reduced noise during machining provides a more comfortable working environment. It also improves the dust extraction due to the production of very small chips. Each cutter has 4 tips which can be rotated into the cutting position when worn. Therefore increasing the production life of the cutter block before knives require replacement.

Ficha Técnica
Ancho útil de trabajo 520 mm
Diámetro eje portacuchillas (mm)/número cuchillas estándar 120/4  
Longitud total de las mesas cepillo 2250 mm
4 velocidades de avance regrueso 5/8/12/18 m/min
Potencia motores trifásicos a partir de 7 (8) kW - 50 (60) Hz  

fs 52 elite s

"Xylent" cutterhead

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