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A love affair with SCM born among the fjords

Håvar Tandstad, an industrial entrepreneur, has been using SCM Group machines exclusively for 16 years and was one of the first buyers of the Morbidelli Author M100: "This machine meets my needs for flexible production and for saving time and space." His company, which also produces packing boxes for refugee tents, is in constant expansion.

Håvar Tandstad, who is the owner of Møbeltre AS, founded his company 16 years ago in Straumgjerde, a village north-west of Oslo, where the lake Fitjavatnet empties into the Sykkylvsfjorden

Møbeltre employs 24 workers, on average, and produces furniture components for  Norwegian companies whose products are hugely successful.

Håvar Tandstad, therefore, knows full well the market dynamics. Specifically, he has witnessed the clear trend that has emerged in recent years among many of his clients: the companies have stayed away from large orders of standardised parts and have increasingly focused on small batches, diversifying production and requiring highly-customised machining. Håvar's approach in this changing market can be summed up in a single word: flexibility.

His company must be able to produce in very short times small batches that change often, even daily. To address this issue he must rely on latest-generation technology; that is why the Norwegian entrepreneur has always used SCM Group products.

As Håvar well explains: "We are being asked to produce ever more customised products, and delivery times are getting shorter. Our company provides high quality products, and it cannot be any other way given the high cost of labour in Norway. Low quality products are imported by Norwegian companies from abroad. We maintain a one-to-one relationships with our clients, each has his own specific requirements and we are able to fully fulfil them with our products."


Møbeltre works mainly with MDF Plywood (and MDF) panels, as well as Glulam (from glued and laminated), glued pine wood that is as strong as solid wood. What is actually produced are parts for high-quality chairs, exported in a wood container, itself a high-quality product.

In recent years, Håvar Tandstad has focused also on a special product for which there has been a surge in orders. Indeed, Møbeltre now produces plywood boxes for packing refugee tents. As Håvar says: "When you see on television refugee camps springing up all across Europe, you should know that part of what you see comes from my company."

By the way, the plywood used for these boxes is imported from the Ukraine, and also in this case the difficult international situation has caused its price to go up.

Besides woodworking, Møbeltre produces a few plastic parts for various companies that request them.

Håvar does not export his products directly but supplies them to companies that focus mainly on exports, especially to other Scandinavian countries, Germany, the United States, Japan and China.

An issue of great concern in Norway is pollution: "We have strict legislation regarding pollution, and in this case too the machine technology allows us to work with peace of mind. The same applies also to machining waste, as we successfully reduced waste to a minimum.  The only problem working at these latitudes is the cost of heating. Fortunately we do not have energy-related problems in Norway, but in our industry we still do everything possible to avoid unnecessary waste of resources."

Considering future trends, Håvar Tandstad has no doubts: "Those who would not develop and would not insist on implementing new technologies are bound to face market trouble in the future. Companies that are technologically backward will have no chance of surviving. Technological development is essential and will increasingly be so in the future."

His company is currently expanding and just because of this, Håvar Tandstad decided to buy a Morbidelli Author: "The new five-axis machining centre allows us to save time and money during production. This new machining centre represents a great leap forward because it is easy to use and intuitive. It allows me to save production floor space because it has no perimeter protection and the operator can circle around the entire machine." 

Of fundamental value is also Håvar Tandstad's relationship with Bergsli, SCM's Norwegian dealer:  "Between us we speak Norwegian, and it's easy to find solutions to problems faced by my company. The relationship with SCM is outstanding, with answers always promptly ready, and what's more, the machines have never had any particular problems, have always worked without a hitch and are totally reliable."

Møbeltre (Norvegia)

Furniture components manufacturer


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