Athena is getting faster and faster!

Jun 5, 2023

Optimizing the execution times of machining programs: one of our goals in CMS. 

Our focus? Increase the dynamic performance of our athena machining center to ensure precision and reliability when machining plastic parts. 

Watch the video and see the result of optimizing the execution times of machining programs: 

To optimize the execution times of machining programs without affecting the cutting quality, we focused on reducing “out-of-workpiece" travel times, i.e. speeding up motion between cuts, without changing the path of the original program, but maintaining the same quality. 

But there is more! 

The athena machining center loves a challenge, in fact, the more complex and elaborate the machined parts are, the more room there is for improvement! 



  • Speed, precision and reliability; 

  • Shorter travel times between cuts; 

  • Greater machining complexity, greater improvements.