CMS Plastic Technology offers the most exclusive and innovative solutions for machining those materials used in the aerospace industry. The CMS Plastic Technology machinery guarantees machining precision and accuracy typical of the demands made by a highly technological industry. CMS' experience and know-how in this industry make it the ideal partner for the most innovative companies: by understanding the customer's process, we never fail to offer the best technological solution, guaranteeing maximum reliability and top quality performance as well as patented technologies.

Limitless technology with its strong technological content, to ensure the best machining serving an ever more demanding industry.

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Seatbacks Toilet Components


  • ABS, PC, Kydex

Toilet Components

  • ABS, Kydex, PC

Donite Plastic- Northern Ireland

We first met CMS back in 2013 at K show. What we were looking for was the whole package, a manufacturer that could supply vacuum forming machines, CNC machines and a fast and good service. If there is something wrong with the machine we want somebody here tomorrow because it needs to be fixed. We currently have 4 CMS machine all operating in production. 

Steven Kissick, Director