La Fonte and CMS: customer service makes the difference!

Nov 11, 2021

La Fonte and CMS: customer service makes the difference!


Two childhood friends with strong business minds decided to dedicate their free time to their great passion: mechanical machining.

This is how Roberto Poretti, 80 years old, Managing Director, describes the establishment of La Fonte, a company founded in 1975 together with his life-long friend, Antonio Andriolo.

In the years that followed, their work flow steadily increased, along with client demands; leading Poretti and Andriolo to make the investment in a machining center.

In 1995, a machining center for flat plastic processing was installed, a decision that was made after testing the machine in the company of expert CMS personnel.

Roberto Poretti explains that this was how their business made a breakthrough: “This was a momentous purchase for us because it allowed us to plan and manufacture extremely high performance equipment.

A truly “momentous purchase”, considering that it allowed La Fonte to take its place on the international market with its handling, filtering, and liquid (including corrosive liquid) purification products; especially in galvanizing, gold, and printed circuit sectors, as well as systems for the recovery of precious metals.

As the years passed, the purchase of a new CMS machining center became inevitable. The decision process was quick and guaranteed, considering the profitable years spent together.

Roberto Poretti, a businessman with a keen eye for all aspects of business, hones in on one aspect that is never sufficiently appreciated: after-sales service. Without a doubt, the winning card in our relationship with CMS is their service. Since 1995, with the purchase of our first machine, we have always had annual preventive maintenance contracts. This has guaranteed us extremely fast intervention times and service, with machine downtimes kept to a minimum and interventions to solve any problems.”

The Managing Director of La Fonte sums up our chat jokingly, by commenting that he would definitely recommend CMS to anyone, for its products and the professionalism of those who work there, “but I shouldn’t say this to my competitors!



Adaptable: wide range of best-in-class heads and spindles for any kind of processing demand up to 15 kW and 40,000 rpm

Great: 33% increase in vacuum areas on the table as a result of unique vacuum management solutions, due to the dynamic X-Vacuum system

Intelligent: the widest selection of workpiece passage in Z from 150 mm to 1200 mm in 5 axes

Lean: 17% average saving of surface space used with incomparable optimization of sizes thanks to the “pro-speed” and “pro-space” solutions available

Efficient: wide range of work tables with perfect planarity for every kind of fastening or processing requirement