Software for Beam saw cutting optimization

Office software solutions: Maestro pattern

Software for beam saws cutting optimization

SCM beam saws offer software that assist customer from optimizing the cutting of panel-shaped materials to the execution of the cutting programs.

SCM Cutting optimizers: Maestro pattern office and Maestro ottimo cut. In the office, before the production, after uploading the parts list Maestro ottimo cut provides different choices of optimized cutting patterns depending on requirements: this way results can be based on reducing waste or focus on the shortest production time. An easier optimization tool is also provided with the machine (Maestro pattern office).



SCM beam saws are always provided with Maestro pattern office, the standard entry-level optimization software. In addition, with Maestro ottimo cut we offer our customers user-friendly scalable software for optimizing the cutting of the materials shaped from the panel.

Whether reducing the time or the waste, the overall cost of cutting is optimized.

Finally, Maestro converter cut allows to integrate any beam saws optimizer with SCM beam saws.


Maestro pattern office is the Linear cutting optimization program that can be used in the office for simple and efficient creation of cutting programs.


Maestro pattern import is the optional plug-in module which enables Maestro pattern importing production data directly from an MS excel file.


  • Cost reduction. Waste reduction.
  • Get started in a click. Fast parameters set-up and configuration.
  • More productivity. Optimization capacity up to 15.000 pieces.

Office software solutions: Maestro ottimo cut


Maestro ottimo cut is the professional software for controlling the entire costing and optimization process of the beam saw. program that can be used in the office for simple and efficient creation of cutting programs.


  • Materials, pieces and edges stocks management
  • Grained panels management (longitudinal and cross)
  • Optimization of orders and multi-orders
  • Preventive calculation of costs and machining time
  • Customized report printing with statistical production data
  • Labels with integrated graphic editor
  • Sends of cutting programs with labeling data included to the beam saws control
  • Connection with the business management software
  • Expansible data base with Maestro ottimo import add-on


Maestro converter cut is a conversion program that allows to integrate via .ptx format any optimizer for beam saws.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Easy to use. Quick and easy data entry.
  • Full integration. Open optimizer can import data from csv list.
  • Fast optimization results. Processing huge lists - quick response time.
  • Reporting. Standard and customizable.
  • Automatic post processing to the machine. Send results immediately to the machines.


Machine software solutions: Maestro active cut

Unified HMI Software for machine controlling


Maestro active is the new operator interface software which has been unified across all SCM technologies. A single operator can easily and confidently run multiple machines due to controller and interface consistency: regardless the machine, Maestro active maintains the same look&feel, with many identical icons and navigation buttons, thus ensuring the same approach to interaction.

The new interface has been specifically designed and optimized for immediate use via touch screen.

Graphics have been redesigned for simple and comfortable navigation, with tablet-like icons on touch screen controller.

Improved productivity thanks to integrated help and recovery procedures that reduce the possibility of error from the operator's side.


Benefits at a glance

  • Different machines, one user interface. Immediate access to the programming of all SCM machines.
  • Full control of production performances. The creation of customizable reports by operator, shift, program, forecast period (and much more) allows to monitor, optimize and improve the production performance.
  • Organize your production, thanks to the possibility to create different users with different roles and work shifts.
  • Console eye-M: smart, fair, interactive, effortless, revolutionary.
    SCM innovative touch screen console eye-M allows a comfortable easy navigation and use of the standardized user interface Maestro active. Console eye-M is characterized by a full widescreen monitor (21.5'') to ensure an effortless, convenient experience.


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