Young talents in stone machining are being trained using CMS Stone Technology machines!

31 Mar 2023

For the past three years, the Staatliche Berufsschule institute in Eichstätt, Germany has been using two CMS Stone Technology machine models, the Brembana G-Rex and the Brembana Milestone, to train its students. These machines are equipped to teach students how to use them at the institute before they move on to a company to gain practical experience and become specialists in the field of stone machining. 


The two machines were carefully selected for their unique features. The Brembana G-Rex is both a machining center and universal bridge milling machine with 5/6 interpolated axes, making it a powerful machine capable of guaranteeing excellent machining quality even with high thicknesses. The Brembana Milestone is an exclusive water jet cutting system with five interpolated axes, which ensures maximum precision when cutting ceramics, even with low thicknesses. 


When visiting the institute's classrooms and laboratories, talking to both lecturers and students, it became apparent why CMS machines were chosen. Their ease of use, machining versatility, and high technological level make them ideal tools for training future operators in this field. Students become accustomed to using accurate, high-performance machines from the outset. Moreover, CMS-Steintechnik GmbH, a competent German dealer with strong servicing capabilities, provides the added value needed to ensure timely and continuous support. 


The future of many young people begins on the benches of this prestigious school, and their passion for the field is evident just by looking into their eyes.