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CMS Stone Technology developes unique solutions for the working of marble, natural stones, and composite stones. Under the brand name Brembana Macchine, CMS Stone Technology was, in the 80's, the first manufacturer of a stone machining center, which is accredited to its founder Mr. Pietro Aceti. CMS Stone Technology has always been a reliable technological partner in designing unique solutions, for any need, in the world of building, architecture, interior and exterior decoration, and wherever the use of stone and marble products is required.


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22 April 2024

What is there beyond top of the range?

Often, when you want to achieve the highest possible productivity, you focus on owning the highest performing machine. Owning a top-of-the-range machine is an important step toward excellence, but productivity is also affected by factors unrelated to the machine.

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29 February 2024

Tool release, what to do? CMS has the solution for you!

In the world of stone fabrication, productivity is essential and tool release failures can compromise work quality and cause the stonemason to lose money. CMS is committed to offering its customers the most suitable technologies to meet their different needs, so it provides both hydraulic and pneumatic tool release solutions.

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27 November 2023

Brembana jetpower evo: the excellence of tradition

In the world of pressure intensifiers for waterjet cutting, CMS stands out by offering the market a unique model featuring a parallel-cylinder design. This type of architecture can maintain an output pressure with a constant signal, without the need to install an additional downstream accumulator, a requirement typical of the opposing-cylinder intensifiers on the market.

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