Take the projects directly from your bookshelves!

16 Sep 2022

Imagine a bookshelf full of books where all the knowledge and experience you have accumulated in years of designing are stored. Each individual project, a book that contains the best processes to achieve any result you want.

Looking for a book among thousands of projects can take up both time and energy. It would definitely put your patience to the test, just like creating a project that is made up of a long sequence of processings to select. The procedure for selecting a processing to be made can affect productivity in your workshop.

Automatic Cam is a software module for Easystone that allows you to create processing bookshelves and rapidly apply them to projects in order to minimize the pre-processing preparation time. The attribution of processings can be done manually or added to the project at CAD level and imported in the CAM preparation. How? By using layers or colors or even labels.

In other words, a bookshelf full of books where all your experience is stored but can be easily consulted and allows you to save up to 83% in time when preparing the processings for a project!