Desire for travel and holidays in a camper van or caravan (and to know how they are built)

6 Jul 2022

With summer comes the desire for holidays, travelling, adventure and freedom. The camper van and caravan are the ideal combination of these 4 desires.

Since the 1980s, CMS avant caravan has been the best option available on the market for the production of side walls, flooring and roofs on camper vans and caravans. Motorhomes and panels for refrigerated trucks can be added to these.

The real challenge during these years has been to guarantee a steady technological update that has allowed them to guarantee maximum reliability.

The multiple machining units that work alternately or simultaneously allow certain stages of the machining to be halved, guaranteeing flexibility and productivity in a single solution!



  • a cut in cycle time of up to 53% on numerous processings
  • a cut in tool-change times of up to 73%
  • updated version with 125% more suction, to secure any kind of panel