Factory control made easy

With Maestro easyFLOW you can...

Plug & Play

Maestro easyFLOW is the first MES software developed for the manufacturing industry that can be installed in a few easy steps.

Choose the SCM machine to be connected to Maestro easyFLOW, key in the machine's network address and you're done: your office and your factory are interconnected!




1.1 SCM machine configuration wizard controlled by easyFLOW

1.2 Import data: Order import


2.1 Creation of work orders (Production order management)

2.2 Useful layouts for production programming:
- Orders with delivery dates
- Production orders with work distribution on the machines

2.3 Dispatching programs to the machines (Industry 4.0 interconnection


3.1 Feedback from the MES machines (Industry 4.0 interconnection)

3.2 Production progress check (Monitoring progress)


4.1 Order progress report

4.2 Order productivity report



Data integration

An all-round integrated software system: Maestro easyFLOW allows you to connect your programming software, SCM cutting optimisers and the machine software thus creating a genuine 4.0 vertical integration.

The key to Industry 4.0: it's never been easier with Maestro easyFLOW!


"Can I deliver my order on time?" Thanks to Maestro easyFLOW' scheduler, as of today, you will always have the answer to this question

The Meastro easyFLOW scheduler takes the order, with all its production items in input, and depending on machine availability, and delivery date, distributes the work out to your machines, allows you to organise and plan it and shows you if you can handle the order or not within the time scale requested by the Customer.


"What stage of completion is my order at?" With Maestro easyFLOW you know exactly where your work order is in the factory.

Check production progress and track the different work orders! For example: "Right now, can the right side be found on the CX200 boring machine and are you on schedule with the order planning? With Maestro easyFLOW, you will, at last, be able to have full control over the management of your production!

Industry 4.0


"What have I produced today, have I accumulated backlogs with my deliveries and if yes, why?"

At the end of the day, check to see if you have completed your order, if you are on schedule with deliveries or if there are delays foreseen so you can guarantee maximum customer satisfaction!



The key role of the MES 

The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a factory information system that manages and control the whole production process, from the order release to the finished product, with the aim of achieving the production excellence.

Ideally, it is placed between ERP and the software for the cell or Machine Controls (including HMI) and it manages the production process in an integrated and efficient way, with the aim of filling the gap between the management and the execution level, by communicating with all the productive resources: operators, machines/equipment/lines, tools and the whole automation level of the production process.


Industry 4.0 represents the future. Manufacturing companies should invest in MES projects to become:








MES functionalities


MES Benefits

A well-run production plant can bring many benefits in a short time, with the sole implementation of a MES combined with performance measurement:

Job production Scheduling
Off-cuts reduction
Reduction in waste
Missing piece reduction