Maestro smartech

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Maestro smartech
Augmented reality connecting you in real time with your SCM service

Maestro Smartech is an innovative solution that provides an interactive connection between customer machine operators and SCM Service.

Through the use of wearable computer devices and special management software, SCM experts can diagnose and solve problems in real time.



The smart augmented reality glasses incorporate video functions, video camera, microphone and speakers equipped with a wireless connection.
MAESTRO Smartech allows a hands-free bidirectional communication with interactive data sharing.



  1. Communicate in real time to a remote technician what you see, as well as view local data on the glasses screen
  2. Bidirectionally share model drawings, schemas and checklists
  3. Receive in real time text and voice messages as well as explanations from remote experts


Any call for assistance involves a drop in productivity and the cost of sending a technician to the customer.
With Maestro Smartech, SCM Service can offer customers assistance by its top experts in a more efficient and targeted manner and in real time.

Wearing the Smart Glasses, maintenance operators can follow remotely-shared work instructions while keeping their hands free and without having to step away from their machines.



Reduced waiting times. 
Maximum ef ciency thanks to the virtual and interactive assistance offered by an expert technician whenever required.

Reduced costs. 
Real-time problem solving without requiring on-site service increases machine uptime and cuts technicians’ travel costs to zero.

Increased productivity.
Helps achieve productivity goals with the capability of scheduling and optimising machining cycles using real-time interaction and the expertise of our technicians who are always ready to assist you whenever required.

Easy preparation of company tutorials.
Maestro Smartech can also be used as an advanced tool for an easy and effective preparation of production and maintenance operators documentation.

Technical data


  • Maestro Smartech kit
  • Training on use
  • Remote support calls priority
  • 1 day check-up visit
  • ​​​​​​​Personal access to parts e-shop
  • ​​​​​​​Personal access to SCM documentation system
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