SCM at Dach+Holz International 2024

05-08.03.2024 Stuttgart, Germany


SCM returns to DACH+HOLZ International with state-of-the-art innovations and a rich programme of technical demonstrations and insights dedicated to the timber construction industry.

The result of continuous investment in research and development, together with the Italian Group's constant focus on the latest requirements of the sector will be on show in an exhibition space dedicated to high technology (Hall 10, Stand 421).

In a welcoming SCM Arena you can enjoy live presentations on:

  • Oikos xs and Oikos xl+, the opposites of the SCM CNC machining centres range
  • Maestro beam&wall, programming software for timber construction
  • Dmc system xl, the calibrating-sanding machine for CLT panels

and more, you can discover the latest trends together with green building experts.






OIKOS XS: speed of execution and high configurability

OIKOS XS is the most versatile model in the Oikos range, cnc machining centre for timber construction ideal for companies looking for high speed and precision.

It is suitable for the production of straight beams, prefabricated walls, trusses, roofs and blockhouses, i.e. structural elements requiring both very fast operations such as cutting, and more complex operations such as drilling, routing, dovetails and slots for hardware, on pieces that can have a maximum length of 16 metres, a maximum width of 450 mm and a maximum thickness of 240 mm.

New HMI Maestro active beam&wall for quick and easy all-round control

Maestro active beam&wall is the new human-machine interface software dedicated to machining centres for timber construction, which offers numerous functions in a simple and fast way:


  • Multi-project, to produce elements of different projects from the same raw bars and to minimise material waste.

  • 3D visualisation, to explore the workpiece and to take measurements in real-time.

  • Complete job management, that is management of routine maintenance, machine alarms, work shifts, printing of labels and creation of production reports etc.

  • Advanced user management, to enable each machine operator to different levels of authorisation.

DMC SYSTEM XL: built bigger to work harder

DMC SYSTEM XL, a highly modular automatic sanding-calibrating machine for processing CLT panels that can be employed in the timber construction sector.

The project is further enriched with three new units to process both top and bottom face of CLT panels up to 3.700 mm wide and 500 mm thick.

These modules can be fully combined and integrated with each other according to the customer's production requirements, for a high-quality finished product that reflects the latest market trends in having visible CLT walls.

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