Wood becomes art with SCM at "Contemporary Expressions”

Nov 6, 2023

SCM promotes art and design. Saturday 4 November saw the opening at the Asian Art Museum in Turin of the exhibition Contemporary Expressions, a programme of artist residencies and new site-specific installations to highlight contemporary art in its most original and unexpected forms and connections.

Fascinating the public, already at the entrance of the Museum, was Flying Kodama, the new installation conceived by the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and realised by D3Wood in Lecco with SCM machines and the scientific assistance from Marco Imperadori, Professor at Politecnico di Milano and Scientific Advisor of Arte Sella Architecture.

Kodama, which means "tree spirit" in Japanese, results from structural and sculptural experimentation that Kuma has been carrying out for several years. It is a sphere measuring 120 cm in diameter, designed to be hung as if floating, made up of interlocking blocks of pale ash that fit together to create a fascinating interplay of joints and contrasts.

SCM promoted this work with financial and, above all, technological support. The craft workshop D3Wood, which specialises in the engineering and production of artistic installations for clients worldwide, is no stranger to challenges like this. Through an innovative approach and thanks to high-tech solutions, he manages to transform solid wood into works of high design. It is a craft workshop where technical innovation and artisan tradition blend perfectly and which has chosen SCM machines to create even the most elaborate geometries.

In the specific case of Flying Kodama, a hypsos machining center was used, ideal for processing complex-shaped solid wood elements, and various carpentry machines, in particular, a class surface planer and an st 5es spindle moulder saw.

The hypsos was also used for two other valuable installations at Kengo Kuma's solo exhibition for the Venice Biennale 2023.

SCM attended the inauguration of “Contemporary Expressions” with the Group's Communications Director, Gian Luca Fariselli. We are proud to be a partner of this project and of the Flying Kodama artwork which, together with three other prestigious commissions, contributes to enhancing the Museum’s collections.