SCM shows the engineering made in Italy at WMF 2022

Sep 21, 2022

During the four days of WMF – Shanghai International Furniture Machinery & Woodworking Machinery Fair, over 24.000 visitors could appreciate the innovative woodworking solutions SCM offers in the Asian market.

“The most powerful woodworking technologies are in our DNA” and WMF is the perfect event to celebrate the SCM concept of Integrated Compact Factory.
Since 1986, WMF has been one of Asia’s most successful trade fairs and today brings together 280 industry professionals to showcase cutting-edge equipment and machinery.

To meet the innovation requirements that the event requires, SCM displayed some of its best-in-class machines, such as the gabbiani s115 beam saw with Maestro active cut integrated, the intuitive and reliable software developed by SCM allowing the extreme customization of any panel, and stefani x, the innovative edge bander which, thanks to the glue switch system, allows a “just in time” glue change.

SCM also presented the innovative technologies conceived to meet the new needs of industry 4.0. Visitors at WMF didn’t miss the SCM solutions with RGV shuttles that allow the automation of factory logistics and an MES software package for the manufacturing industry developed locally, able to manage, control, and optimize the entire production process.

Thanks to the partnership with the local dealer Ideamac, SCM is not just a supplier of woodworking solutions but a supporter of market changes, providing a high level of assistance in step with the significant technological value of its machines.