Vermeulen trappen B.V., ordered 4 machines ACCORD 42 FX-MATIC with 2 independent 5-axis units

Oct 21, 2019

Only a few weeks ago another CNC accord 42 fx - MATIC with an independent 5- and 3-axis routing units, has been installed and tested successfully.

The company located close to Breda, with 20 Milj € turnover and 130 FTE, is producing stairs since 1958.

It is a long term relation of SCM, with an annual production of around 12.000 stairs per year, whom has bought already in 2001 four SCM CNC machines. The 2 SCM Record 220's, the Record 241 TV and the Routech Euro are still fully operational today but needed to be replaced after 20 years of service.

The technical staff of Vermeulen stairs started already in 2017 with a replacement study and they went out on the market to look and compare the today's best fitting solutions for their way of production.

End of 2018 they were convinced that, the new SCM accord 42 fx - MATIC had a lot of interesting advantages and so they ordered the machine with 3- and 5-axis units with individual and common toolrooms.

The wide portal construction running over a heavy, sturdy and rigid base, is extremely flexible thanks to the 2 independent and powerful routing units, with full table coverage. Both the routing units can either be identical or a combination of the 3- and 5-axis. The loading on the MATIC table of 2 double step panels behind each other in each of the 4 working areas, and the optimisation of the individual step programs created even more advantages then hoped for.

Thanks to this very positive evaluation, Vermeulen trappen B.V. now decided to order 4 accord 42 fx -MATIC 5+5 axis to replace the old SCM machines.

We are very proud for the given confidence and the reconfirmation of this partnership.