SCM at UMIDS 2021: impressive results and new projects with WorldSkills Russia for the professional assessment of woodworking specialists

Apr 14, 2021

Great success for SCM at UMIDS 2021, the long-awaited International exhibition of furniture, interior items, materials, components and equipment for woodworking and furniture production in Russia.

The event, held on April 7-10 in Krasnodar, demonstrated high demand for furniture and woodworking equipment and active interest to the world’s widest range of SCM machinery solutions. Meetings, negotiations and deals were made at its stand from the first day until the very end.

A wide range of technologies and services for various operations was on display at the booth of SCM and its dealers: edgebanding machines for different production scales - from the entry and middle range, represented by the minimax me35tr and olimpic k360, to the industrial machine stefani kd; sliding table saw class si x, wide belt sander dmc sd60, drilling CNC machine startech cn v, and the joinery machines of minimax range tw55es and f41es.

Great interest was also aroused by practical presentation of the new competencу that is being developed by WorldSkills Russia "Master of Furniture Production Site", which took place on the second day of the exhibition.

The Academy of Digital Furniture Technology, founded in September 2020 by SCM, BASIS, WorldSkills Russia and 26 KADR College of Architecture, Design and Reengineering, presented a project of professional assessment of specialists in the furniture and woodworking industries. The new competency according to WorldSkills standards is being developed as a response to the market demand for qualified personnel and is called to become a professional benchmark, which gives an opportunity to objectively evaluate the level of specialists' skills.

The goal of the Academy is to train qualified personnel through the development of professional educational programs for specialists in the furniture and woodworking industries. These programs should meet the real needs of factories and industries, provide qualification of specialists of the necessary level, provide practical skills of working with actual equipment and software.

Such goals become especially relevant when production technology is rapidly evolving. Today a digital smart factory equipped with CNC machines becomes not just a reality, but a production necessity for furniture and woodworking companies whose task is to maintain their competitiveness and strengthen their position in the market. With the increasing use of software products in the factory, the importance of qualified personnel increases, and the ability to work with software integrated into the production process becomes an important factor in the recruitment process.

At the presentation educational programs of professional development for representatives of the industry of any level of professional training - from elementary to advanced were presented. These programs will include various modules on training in working with the Software and working on CNC machines.

An important part of the presentation of the new competency was its practical part, where a demonstration exam according to WorldSkills standards was held directly at the SCM stand. The participants were offered a production task - to produce a certain piece of furniture using BASIS Software and SCM machines presented at the stand. At the end, the work was evaluated by the evaluation criteria formed with the participation of representatives of the furniture industry market, and the participants were awarded with commemorative gifts.