Turin Politecnico students visit SCM to “build” the future of wood construction together

Dec 6, 2018

Students of the new Master's Degree Programme in “Wood Architecture” at the Turin Politecnico Graduate School visited SCM’s Rimini Headquarters and the SCM Sinalunga plant for a two-day study of the latest innovations developed for the entire production chain. On 3 December more than twenty architects and engineers, accompanied by Professor Guido Callegari, the Graduate Programme Coordinator, were welcomed by SCM Group President, Giovanni Gemmani, who talked about the Group's history and, more specifically, about the large investments made in the design and creation of highly advanced wood construction solutions.

From the construction site to the office: “Thanks to new technologies and new integrated digital services, the entire building is now being designed and adapted down to the smallest details ahead of time on a PC screen,” said Mr Gemmani, “greatly simplifying the work on site and cutting costs and times.” That is why it is important for the new generation of wood architects and designers to discover first-hand the technological innovations that make up the upstream part of the production chain, the machines that process and give shape to wood that is used for constructing advanced and environmentally sustainable buildings. “Our collaboration with SCM is for us an opportunity to integrate our graduate architecture studies with the wood machining component of wood construction systems," said Prof. Callegari. “And it is of even greater interest for the Turin Politecnico to get to know more closely an Italian group that has been able to grow and innovate itself with great success.”

SCM chose to support this first graduate programme offered by the Turin Politecnico, and the meeting with the visiting students and Prof. Callegari is part of this support and collaboration. This is a forward-looking exchange between academia and industry, with the aim of fostering innovation in an industry such as wood construction that is in considerable growth around the world.

After visiting the Technology Center and the Semi-Anechoic Chamber, both true examples of SCM excellence on view at its Headquarters, the students participated in a technical seminar held by Tommaso Martini, SCM Manager of the wood machining centres business unit. The first day of the visit concluded with an exceptional case study – the restoration of the Teatro Galli of Rimini, a prestigious example of great architecture and culture: SCM's contribution came through its machines, which were used by a number of SCM clients for creating such essential elements as floors, doors and windows.
The two-day programme proceeded with the group travelling to Sinalunga to visit the highly specialised production plant, where CNC wood machining systems are produced.