Cms time 100: Top of its Class Smart Solution!

Dec 10, 2020

Without doubt, CMS' time 100 plastics machining center offers the best price-performance ratio.

Due to its unique and compact design the Time 100 takes up very little floor space and can be accessed from all sides to move panels and small parts.



  • 17% less floor space taken up, for a compact size combined with maximum freedom of access
  • average saving of 25% on preparation and format changes
  • no limit on the shape of the pieces to be machined, not even in the most complex cases


Time 100's excellent performance means it is the ideal machine for satisfying all the nesting and machining demands for technical plate items. Thanks to specific devices, the Time 100 can handle even the most varied demands made by the visual and sign sectors.

Configuration of the cell version has been specifically designed to guarantee maximum automation of the production cycle.

Eye-M, the state-of-the-art multi-touch console makes the operator's work instant and intuitive. The simple design of the screen is elegant and even brighter thanks to LED technology.