Thousands of visitors to SCM Digital Days

Jan 28, 2018

Industry professionals have arrived at the SCM Headquarters in Rimini from all over Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America. From 25 to 27 January more than 2,500 visitors, 80% of them operating in the woodworking and furniture industries, have attended the Scm Digital Days, the Group's 2018 Open House which confirmed the Group's world leadership position among providers of secondary woodworking solutions.

The event focused on new production technologies based on the digital evolution and Industry 4.0 concepts to which companies in our industry have shown commitment in recent years. Most popular among visitors have been the Scm Technology Center, where more than fifty operating solutions have been on display, and the Digital Hub, the event's true and proper command centre, offering an actual demonstration of the latest developments in digital, smart, connected and integrated production processes.

Hundreds of industry professionals have flocked to the Hub to experience for themselves the immersive augmented reality wearing the SCM-designed smart glasses, which allow SCM service technicians to offer remote and interactive assistance to customers. A thousand visitors havee attended demonstrations of  SCM software applications (in Italian, English and German). And a preview of an IoT (Internet of Things) network has been a major success during this three-day event among representatives of companies that seek to adopt the "Factory 4.0" principles.