The nativity scene of the Vatican is made by an SCM client: Legnolandia

Dec 22, 2022

Eurostatex-Legnolandia Srl is based in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, specialising in playgrounds and bio-constructions furniture and equipment.
This long-lasting SCM client was leading in manufacturing the nativity scene set up in Piazza San Pietro.
Placed on a 116 sq.m. surface, it is fully wood made with a strong message of sustainability: no trees have been cut down to manufacture the wooden cedar statues, and the weight-bearing structure is sculptured by 24 cubic meters of larch wood.
The nativity scene features eighteen statues lit up by 50 lights, and the dome half-sphere dominated by the angel serves as a cave and reaches a height of 7 meters.
Among the characters is a carpenter intent on working on a bench in honour of the Sutrio's artisans who worked on this piece of art.

Eurostratex-Legnolandia collaborated in manufacturing the stage, the dome, and the comet. It also made the electrical system and installed all the artefacts and statues.
The complex elements of the comet were made with SCM machining centres, including the 5-axis accord 40 fx for routing and drilling, which was “particularly helpful to obtain even the smallest and most complex solid wood pieces with precision and efficiency”, as the CEO Giovanni De Santa said.

It must have been a satisfying experience for the De Santa family, which recently bought a morbidelli m100 for nesting and an automatic throughfeed moulder superset nt.

“For my team and I, it has been a unique and deep experience – Giovanni said and continued - it allowed us to give our best and reach maximum quality and complexity of manufacture”.

Congratulations to Legnolandia and Sutrio’s artisans from everyone in SCM!