The Latest Advances in Traditional Machines

Sep 12, 2016

AWISA 2016 was the perfect opportunity for all to get up close and personal with the very latest and greatest in the traditional machines market. Leading the pack was the SCM Group, with a number of new to market machines and accessories, perfect for the Australian manufacturing industry.

Xylent Cutterblocks

After numerous years of research and development, SCM Group has released their own range of Xylent Spiral Cutterblocks. On display at AWISA 2016, these European cutterblocks are designed specifically for Minimax and SCM planers, thicknessers and 4 in 1 combination machines. Feed rates, number of teeth, cutter diameter are perfectly in sync - giving a slippery smooth finish off the back of the machine. Dubbed Xylent as a play on silent, these cutterblocks are now available on the full range.

L'Invincibile SiX Panel Saw

Another first for AWISA 2016 was the new SCM L’invincibile SiX panel saw. This machine will revolutionise the way you use your panel saw with the blade capable if tilting from 90° and ±46°. One of the standout features of the L'invincibile SiX is the exclusive SCM Group patented AP System. When selecting the inclination of the saw blade, the overhead guard repositions itself automatically. This means the machine is set up faster and safer, without the operator having to make any manual adjustments to the machine – safe and simple. The L'Invincibile range is second to none and this panel saw is designed for the true Artisan.

L'Invincibile TI 5 Spindle Moulder

Another addition to the latest traditional machines range on display at AWISA 2016 was the L’invincibile TI5 Spindle Moulder. The new standard for reliability and innovation, the TI5 has a large 12 touch screen control allowing you to control up to 8 axes with an easy and fast set up. The exclusive automatic tool detection system allows the machine to know all dimensions and performances of the selected tooling. This dramatically reduces the amount of setup time, and errors, in any moulding application.

"The latest updates for the traditional machines market was well received at AWISA 2016," says Lee Gabbett, Managing Director of SCM Group Australia. "We've seen record sales in the past for these revolutionary machines, and I'm sure that our 2016 offerings will see the same level of success for our customers."

The SCM Group has always enjoyed a well-deserved solid reputation in traditional machines, with design and technology that is second to none. For further information on our range of traditional machines, contact SCM Group Australia.