The Author-Evolution has begun

Jan 26, 2017

A large turnout from day one at the SCM Group Open House, held at the Group Rimini headquarters, where visitors could view firsthand the new range of Morbidelli machining centres presented in a world première along with other new SCM Group products.

The new Morbidelli Author M100 and M200 were welcomed by SCM customers with great enthusiasm. Clearly, these two new machining centres, which introduce the "all-in-one technology" are revolutionising the industry.

Most visitors came from Europe and the United States, in addition to a good turnout by Italians. The Open House is to continue also through Friday, when the largest number of visitors is expected, and Saturday.

The heart of the Open House is the Rimini headquarters showroom, where all the Group’s main new products are on display. But for the benefit of visitors, group visits of the Villa Verucchio production plants were organised as well.

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