Oct 19, 2015


Find out the machining centres evolution going through the software: this is the software days key topic, the event managed by SCM Group Deutschland at the beginning of October.

More than 100 German companies manufacturing furniture, doors and windows, staircases and design creation with the 5-axis machining centres attended the event. Great attendance also for the woodworking journalists interested in understanding the “Xylog Maestro” developments, the SCM Group working centres software suite.

The main software features presented through dedicated demo:

• Maestro 3D, the module to program three dimensional objects on 5-axis machining centres, however the more complex

• Maestro Apps, the library of programming functions that are alwasy available and easy to use 

• Maestro ProView, the 3D simulator that allows users access to a three dimensional model of their machine in their office and view the operations that will be carried out during the production in advance on their pc

• Maestro Nest, the module providing all the functions necessary to manage the Nesting process: from a simple rectangular piece to the most varied and complex “free form” geometrical shapes.

The most well known software house attended the “Maestro Days” to show how easily and fast is the interface between the extarnal softwares and the SCM Group Maestro suite (using Maestro MSL Connector). This means cost and time saving for the customer.

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