SCM's "Maestro Ottimo Cut" software wins a prestigious award

Feb 16, 2018

Maestro Ottimo Cut, SCM's software application for optimising the operation of sawing machines, has won a top award recently at the ICORES 2018 Conference (7th International Conference on Operations Research and Enterprise Systems).

The conference, held in Funchal, Portugal, January 24 to 26, brought together researchers, engineers, teachers and industry professionals who sought to learn about the latest theoretical and practical progress made in the field of operations research. The winner of the Best Student Paper Award – one of the two awards given in this year's event to the best submissions among participants in the "Methodologies and Technologies" competition – was a paper that served as basis for the creation of an algorithm employed by the new unique cutting optimiser for single blade sawing machines, the SCM "Maestro Ottimo Cut", developed by the PhD staff under Professor Fabrizio Marinelli at the Department of Information Engineering, Polytechnic University of Marche, Ancona.

"A Heuristic for a Rich and Real Two-Dimensional Woodboard Cutting Problem" is the title of the research paper, which studies, as stated in its abstract, "a rich two-dimensional cutting stock problem that covers the whole specification of a family of wood cutting machines produced by a worldwide leader in industrial machinery manufacturing".

Using the SCM single blade sawing machine cutting optimiser you can now cut calculation times by 10% to 30%, employ cutting patterns that reduce waste by up to 50%, and reduce the number of required panels for each batch by up to 5%. This is a huge competitive advantage that SCM can now offer its customers based on this top-of-its-class optimiser.