SCM Group at Möbeltage

Mar 13, 2017

The European furniture market is going through a period of profound and fascinating changes. SCM Group is to participate in the Dresden Möbeltage Conference to illustrate the technological and methodological innovations that are now required in order to meet the changing needs of consumers. The speaker representing SCM Group will be Christian Terfruechte, a process manager who will present an overview of the strengths and critical issues of the European furniture market as well as describe a number of new production and business models developed and implemented by SCM Group.

A new possible answer: the close-to-customer project

SCM Group has always excelled in its pursuit of product and process innovation, and it can
thus formulate, test and implement business methodologies that provide solutions to the challenges posed by a changing market.

A concrete example is the Close to Customer (CTC) project. It is a practical example of flexible and local production of custom and "green" furniture. The project was conceived and implemented in 2016, coordinated by SCM Group with the collaboration of 10 technological and industrial partners from various European countries. The project is based on a new business model which calls for the production of custom furniture directly in shopping malls, where the concentration of consumers is  largest.

Ligna 2017: integrated cell for custom manufacturing

Another example that addresses the needs of custom industrial manufacturing and meets the Industry 4.0 requirements, will be shown by SCM Group at Ligna 2017. It is a robot-run cell for producing furniture components. The system's capacity is approximately 8-10 sets per shift. It is an automated system, where control over the entire process – from standard panels to finished pieces – is absolute. It is a solution that stands out for its low operational costs, as it requires only a single operator; its minimum need for human intervention, and consequently an assurance of delivering the highest quality; and its "lean" flow, with no interruptions, bottlenecks and extraordinary maintenance.

High resolution photos are available at the following link: