SCM Group: another success achieved with Kingspan in Germany.

Jul 17, 2014

Kingspan Group is the undisputed leader for solutions on energy savings and the development of exceptional buildings with low environmental impact. Through numerous manufacturing sites and sales offices around the world, Kingspan is recognized in the construction industry for its commitment to innovation and the continuous search for design, high quality and technical excellence.

In Germany, the Kingspan Group decided to expand into the market for polyurethane panels with flexible coatings launching a full line of cutting, cooling, profiling and fully automatic packaging; designed and developed by SCM Group.

Thanks to the reliability and professionalism of the team at DELMAC Engineering / SCM Group, the plant was made operational and fully functional, such as all lines installed in England, Ireland and the Netherlands in about six months.

DELMAC / SCM Group lines are characterized by high reliability, thanks to the CELASCHI profiling and to SAG automation. The plant consists of several machines in line, highly integrated, and able to ensure high productivity and operating flexibility due to the design created internally at SCM Group of both PLC logic and the PC interface.