Scm at Drema under the banner of innovation

Sep 13, 2018

During the Drema Fair (11 through 14 September) – the largest annual exhibition for the wood industry in Central and Eastern Europe, set in Poznàn, Poland – SCM will be meeting representatives of the furniture and door and window industries, as well as with a large crowd of craftsmen, students and industry operators, in a European country where woodworking is a sacred vocation.

Indeed, Poland is the second-ranking exporter of doors and windows in the world, and the first if considering only the latter.  Also when it comes to furniture it is up there at the top (third-ranking exporter). In other words, it is a huge producer of wood products as well as a flourishing territory where all of SCM secondary woodworking machines have been selling well for decades.  And it is also where SCM is one of the major promoters of new tools that allow companies to benefit from the ever more digital and automated production systems.

SCM introduces at the Drema Fair plenty of technological innovations, offered to the woodworking industry with the added benefit of using the Maestro Digital Systems platform of digital services, which makes every production phase faster and simpler for  both small carpentry shops and multinational corporations. This approach is encapsulated in the slogan “Work Simple: Work Digital”, our leitmotiv at the fair. All based on the use of such tools as Maestro Connect, the IoT platform which collects and analyses data fed by the SCM machines, Maestro Smartech, the innovative remote assistance and maintenance system with augmented reality glasses, and Eye-M, the multi-function and multi-touch state-of-the-arts operator panel.

Andrea Santi, general manager of the SCM Polska branch, summarises this way SCM’s participation at this fair: SCM is here at Drema under the banner of innovation, to be at the service of the best companies in the furniture industry as well as the woodworking industry in general, and to promote technological change in an area where the culture of woodworking is strong and deeply rooted." There is no shortage of awards and satisfaction, such as the award won by SCM for the communication impact and impressive arrangement of its stand: the Acanthus Aureus Award presented by MTP, the Poznàn Exhibition Association.