“On the Leading Edgebanding”: a preview of excellence for "batch 1" edgebanding with a Sales Training Day.

Nov 6, 2019

A winning team for state-of-the-art technology. With the Sales Training Day restricted to the SCM sales team, a preview was given today of the "On the Leading Edgebanding" event at the headquarters in Thiene (Vicenza),which will see manufacturers from all over the world in the large furniture and design industry come together, from tomorrow until Saturday. The key players will be the new SCM edgebanding systems for "batch 1" machining which best interpret industry requirements: flexible, connected, integrated with cells and systems equipped with movement and panel return devices, automatic loading and unloading systems, robots and IoT sensors for a faster response on how the edgebanding machine is functioning. Fabio Cernoia, Business Unit Manager for SCM edgebanding, and his team gave the SCM sales network a run-down on the new flexible cells and numerous other technological solutions designed to support businesses with the new market trends: J-Shape, Threespine Click Furniture Technology, ecological furniture and new finishings where wood is always at the heart of it all. The entire SCM team is ready to write a new chapter on industrial edgebanding. SCM technology: On the Leading Edgebanding!